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Napa Wine Auction, Colgin Cellars ~Napa Event Photography~

Every year I photograph the Napa Wine Auction dinner at Colgin Cellars in St. Helena.  It’s truly an incredibly beautiful place.  Thomas Keller of French Laundry personally caters the event for guests from all over the world who have come for the Napa Auction.  It’s fun to watch Thomas in the kitchen and just how smooth the process is especially when compared to me in the kitchen.

Colgin Cellars is high above Lake Hennessy in St. Helena and provides the most gorgeous of sunsets.  The wine is to die for and the furry residents are most adorable!  Ann and Joe always provide a great time.  Dancing, music, amazing food and a setting not open to the public provide an amazing time.   It’s truly a privilege to photograph this wine country corporate event and all its glory.

Vintner Dinner at Colgin Cellars ~San Francisco Event Photographer~

This years event at Colgin was of course catered by Thomas Keller of French Laundry as usual and again an amazing menu! It’s always fun to watch him and the crew in the kitchen.  The entertainment started with the bartenders!  Don’t believe me, well take a look at them!  From Cirque USA, they really had people entertained including Ryan Seacrest.

Wine and Food ~San Francisco Event Photographer~

So I worked an event last week that happens yearly and what is most fascinating is watching Thomas Keller and his staff at work. The hosts and guests at this event are foodies and wine connoisseurs to the fullest. The guests typically number about 30 and Thomas brings about 30 staff members with him.

Thomas is very methodical and the respect and quietness of the kitchen is amazing. At home, I’m dropping things and wondering again why I decided to cook rather than order in again. It’s a fun event and just filled with great people. The entertainment was Carlos Reyes and Ron Sfarzo. Who knew an accordion and violin could be so fun!

Thomas of course is www.FrenchLaundry.com and Carlos and Ron can be reached at www.sfarzoproductions.com.