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Make Up Artists and Wedding Photography ~Wedding Photographer San Francisco~

I love make up artists for weddings!  They really make a difference in many ways beyond the obvious.  First of course they know their craft and how to make clients look their best.  Second they understand photography and what works best for me.  Every day makeup applications and special event makeup is very different and when photography is involved well, even more so.  A bride or her maids or mom may not feel it necessary because we apply makeup every day or it isn’t in the budget or just don’t think it necessary but make up artists really do make a big impact.

This is a day when you should be taking the time for yourself.  Let someone else pamper you, let you look your very best and make sure that you love the way your photographs look.  When you feel beautiful it shows through your soul and then when you see me coming with my camera you will smile with your whole being and voila–amazing images.  On your wedding day there is so much going on so let someone else do what they do best and hire a professional make up artist.  Do you research though!  It is really important that you do the trial, make sure they have good reviews on Yelp or the like and aren’t just someone who buys some make up and calls themselves a make up artist.  This goes for any vendor you hire.  When I walk in I want you to feel like “great Misti is here!”  This should go for ANY vendor you hire.

I do have some recommendations for make up artists for you.  Below are some of my most favorites.  I’ve worked with them numerous times and their reputations are well established.  If you have questions about hiring a make up artist then call them!