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At Home Family Portraits ~San Francisco Portrait Photography~

I first met the Daughtery’s years ago with their adorable Pug Vito.  He was a total charmer with a toothy grin.  When they called to do some family portraits with their new daughter I remembered them ONLY when he said Vito was our dog!  We did these family portraits at their home in San Francisco.  The front bedroom had amazing natural light and we piled everyone–the dogs included of course–on the bed and created some truly simply, beautiful and intimate family portraits.

Families come in different types and sizes and capturing the nuances of a family is the goal for me.  They are never the same!  I never know what is going to happen and just go with the flow.  Especially with babies and pets.  In this case, it was both!  The dogs were just too cute and the baby, well she was totally at our mercy but the irony is we had to work according to her desires!

The images show a beautiful family in all it’s glory.  Congrats to the Daughtery’s!

Equality California Event at The Fairmont Hotel ~Event Photographer San Francisco~

I had the pleasure of photographing the Equality California Charity Event last week and it was a great time for all.  Held in the ballroom of The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, the charity event raised over $45,000 to support the LGBT community.

Senator Dianne Feinstein received an award from the group honoring her support of the LGBT community.    The adorable Wilson Cruz of film and TV fame did a great job hosting and the crowd just loved Thelma Houston.  Ms. Houston sang all her old signature songs and just had people dancing in the aisles.  It was a fantastically fun charity event to photograph and I hope the photos show that!  Who says a corporate event photographer can’t have fun.


Family Portraits at the Legion of Honor ~Family Portrait Photographer San Francisco~

The Juhle family are so sweet to watch.  They obviously love their new daughter but even the dog got his fair share of kisses at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.   We had the Legion of Honor to ourselves really for the portraits.  The lighting was beautiful and their little girl was in perfect model mode!

Acting Head Shots and doing them right! ~Los Angeles Headshot Photographer~

Head shots are for actors like  a business card to anyone else.  They are hugely important and just crucial to your success.  They really must be done right and done right the first time.  A manager, casting director, director or anyone in the business won’t spend more than 1.5 seconds looking at your head shot if they don’t captivate them or you have a look that makes them stop and read your resume.  It is sad but true and that’s how the business works.

I photographed Jasmine and had a great time with her.  This is what she has to say about head shots…

I needed to take a head shot, so I did some research beforehand so I’d know what to expect. I looked up head shots of actresses in my age group and noticed that their photos were very simple: minimal makeup, solid-colored tee shirts, and natural looking hair. I decided to do the same, simple makeup and a tee shirt in a color that complimented my skin tone. Even with all the research I did, I soon realized that taking my own photos wasn’t going to be good enough – none of my photos looked anything like me, or good for that matter. I decided I needed a professional photographer and luckily I found Misti. Misti told me to keep my look for the shoot simple and fresh. Having a professional take my picture made all the difference in the world, I am so confident in these pictures and I know she got the best possible shots of me, infinitely better than the ones I took myself!

Thank you so much Misti I absolutely love them!  I will definitely let you know if I want more pictures and again thank you so much!

Jasmine did her research and knew what needed to be done.  Head shots are not in black and white anymore, they are rarely printed beyond a few to send to agents and manager.  Much of this is just done online now and when you see someone in person.  Your image has to connect and connect quickly.   So remember that old saying “you only get to make one first impression” and get those professional shots done soon!  Show personality and range of ages and looks and don’t forget to connect!

Head Shots for Actors

Acting Head Shots that connect.

Good luck!

Kieva and Charles at Outdoor Art Club ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Kieva and Charles met me at the studio and it was so lovely to meet them.  Only later did we find out we’d lived about 1/2 block from each other for years!  The wedding was the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley and the day couldn’t have been better.  Their families came from absolutely everywhere…Michigan, Florida and even Russia!  I wish you both all the best and see you around the neighborhood!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Charlotte was radiant and her groom dashing in velvet on New Year’s Eve for their wedding at San Francisco’s City Hall.  Both from Prague but living they decided to celebrate on the last day of the year.  City Hall was busy actually!  San Francisco’s City Hall really is the most stunning of places.  The architecture is just amazing and even if your wedding is 4 minutes long it’s definitely memorable.  Just a few snaps from the day and congrats to you Martin and Charlotte!

Wedding at The Lodge at Sonoma ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

Congrats guys!  A beautiful albeit very hot day in Sonoma at the Sonoma Lodge.  Cindy looked just beautiful and Bharat was pretty darn handsome!  The florals were amazing and by Grandiflora. I wish you all the best!

A Rustic Ranch Wedding ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

Sam was breathtaking in her gown and Matt was rocking it big in his suit-not his usual uniform!  The day was beautiful and warm and sunny and couldn’t have been better at Radonich Ranch in Santa Cruz.   Old and new came together in a fantastic way.  The florals were amazing and by Precious and Blooming the catering was by Vignette.   The kids of course were great photo opps and friends and family were just all kinds of laughs.  Dancing till late under the stars it was a great time to be sure.  All the best you guys!

Pregnancy Portaits and the Family ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

I photographed the wedding of Karen and Eric about 7 years ago.  This still amazes me!  Now they live in NYC and are expecting their first baby.  Karen is close to due but was a very willing and able subject as we used different places in their apartment on the West Side.  Karen is a shy type and was nervous but even dared to get just a little racy and looks beautiful!  Of course the feline kids got in on the action but what are you going to do…they are part of the family! Congrats guys!!

Some hints for pregnancy portraits:

  • Do it around the eighth month.  You are large enough to show but not so large that it’s uncomfortable.
  • Include the whole family!  The dad, other children and the pets.
  • Dress in the dad’s shirt or shorts.  It’s a way of incorporating him in the portrait that may just be belly.
  • Hands on the belly are so simple but say so much.

A San Francisco City Hall Wedding ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

This was a fun day from out of towners Wendy and Ray.   We did the whole City Hall wedding and then hit Foley’s Irish bar to celebrate Wendy’s Irish roots. Then it was off to Chrissy and the beautiful San Francisco view.   We had a lot of laughs this day to be sure!

A Luxurious Wedding Reception at Mark Hopkins Hotel ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Michelle and Sam certainly brought their New York flair, humor and love to our part of the world and it was fantastic!  The reception was at the Mark Hopkins atop Nob Hill and the ceremony at St Peter and Paul.

Gorgeous San Francisco War Memorial Wedding ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Tram and Howie had the most amazing day at War Memorial Green Room.  It started in the most traditional Korean way with honoring the bride’s family with an amazing array of foods and gifts.  Then it was off to War Memorial.  Eric Yee of Spintronix and Geri did the most amazing job with design.   There were special gobo’s to celebrate Howie and Tram and Eric set up hot pink lights on the columns for the most amazing affect.  It was truly beautiful and Tram and Howie are just the best.

Mark Hopkins Wedding ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Victoria and Kent did an amazing job planning most of their wedding themselves. Christygale at Mark Hopkins was wonderful and they had great vendors like Jonathon Metcalf for video, Kate’s Blossoms and Hoogasian for flowers and music by Dennon & Doyle.

Stow Lake

So this was an interesting kind of day…for some crazy reason I decide to help a friend with his trailer for a movie he’s written about the lady at Stow Lake whose child drown sometime way back when.  Well, I do not consider myself an actress at all by any means but I can jog and I can walk and row a boat so I decided to help out.  But these were just some fun shots I took with my hidden camera of the crew.  Just an FYI, I was a far better rower!!!