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A man and his dog ~ San Francisco Portrait Photography ~

I had such a wonderful time doing this portraits.  Firstly, Capp was just too cute for words and luckily for Christian I didn’t try to take him home in camera bag.  Secondly, Christian really came prepared for his portraits with outfits planned out and a great smile.

Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


Environmental Portraits in San Francisco


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At Home Family Portraits ~San Francisco Portrait Photography~

I first met the Daughtery’s years ago with their adorable Pug Vito.  He was a total charmer with a toothy grin.  When they called to do some family portraits with their new daughter I remembered them ONLY when he said Vito was our dog!  We did these family portraits at their home in San Francisco.  The front bedroom had amazing natural light and we piled everyone–the dogs included of course–on the bed and created some truly simply, beautiful and intimate family portraits.

Families come in different types and sizes and capturing the nuances of a family is the goal for me.  They are never the same!  I never know what is going to happen and just go with the flow.  Especially with babies and pets.  In this case, it was both!  The dogs were just too cute and the baby, well she was totally at our mercy but the irony is we had to work according to her desires!

The images show a beautiful family in all it’s glory.  Congrats to the Daughtery’s!

Family Portraits at the Legion of Honor ~Family Portrait Photographer San Francisco~

The Juhle family are so sweet to watch.  They obviously love their new daughter but even the dog got his fair share of kisses at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.   We had the Legion of Honor to ourselves really for the portraits.  The lighting was beautiful and their little girl was in perfect model mode!

Pregnancy Portraits ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

Angela and John are expecting little Jackson in the next couple of months and I’m so excited for them.  We did these in their home and included a few of course of their cats (see the post Cat Portraits).  They are such a cute and fun couple.  I don’t think I stopped laughing and with all the natural light, bounds of happiness and love I couldn’t go wrong.  I can’t wait to do the baby portraits!

Cat Portraits ~San Francisco Pet Photographer~

Let’s face it.  Dogs seem to get a lot of attention but cats are actually more abundant in homes than dogs now!  We can’t forget our purring pets when it comes to portraits.  Just because you can take a dog outside doesn’t mean you can’t get amazing shots of your cats at home  Pet portraiture is huge now and it is really one of my favorites.  Dog portraits in San Francisco  is a grand time to be sure but crawling on the floor and schmoozing a cat for amazing cat portraits is just as fun.  Cat portraiture takes on a different feel from dogs to be sure.  It’s really about what they want and not what you want.  But isn’t that normal!  So here a few fun shots taken recently as well as a few thrown in of mine too.  Now don’t think I’m a cat person.  I”d have a dog too but live in San Francisco sans backyard and I like big dogs.  The bigger the better!  Enjoy!

San Francisco Engagement Portraits ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Sara and Todd are getting married in May and after dealing with weather delays, typical to San Francisco, we finally did the engagement session at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  It was great!  First, it was a place where no one has or will be able to take portraits again.  Very cool for me!  Secondly they were game for anything!  We had lovely Ellie with us but Sara and Todd were willing to stand on a glass box 3 stories up.  I’m not sure I would have actually done it but they both just jumped right up and went along with my whim.  They are a fun and beautiful couple and I can’t wait for the big day!

Four Minute Pet Portraits

These adorable images of Bailey were taken in about 4 minutes while another client was changing outfits.  Bailey’s mom is a suite mate in my building and since I had a few minutes to spare we shot away and got these adorable pics.  Bailey is the bestest dog but his crooked grin makes himen more adorable!

Environmental Pet Photography ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

Chester stole the show this morning to be sure.  I love photographing pets of any kind.   This lively pup was hard to follow so what to do?  Three things:

  • Let him do his thing of course!  It was us following Chester’s lead to be sure.  But this keeps him happy and gives great opportunity
  • Treats!  Crucial for the obvious reasons!
  • Work fast!  The attention span of most pets is pretty limited.  You can tire them out for a more portrait shot after getting the action shots when they are excited and playing.

Beautiful Pet Portraiture ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

I’m a total animal person.  Love them all.  So when I get a new toy yes, my ahem kids become my subject.  You have a great opportunity at home to photograph your pets.  They know you and trust you and that makes for the best access.  So some tips to get great portraits:

  1. Instead of shooting from afar and on your feet get on your knees or sit down with them.   Get up close and personal.
  2. Look at how they see the world when you look at them.  A lot of times I’m actually lying on the ground to get portraits.  It makes for much more interesting shots!
  3. Take close-ups.   A nose, ear, whiskers are all bits and pieces that make for cute little details in an album or a series of portraits.
  4. Make it easy and fun for them and for you.

Pregnancy Portaits and the Family ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

I photographed the wedding of Karen and Eric about 7 years ago.  This still amazes me!  Now they live in NYC and are expecting their first baby.  Karen is close to due but was a very willing and able subject as we used different places in their apartment on the West Side.  Karen is a shy type and was nervous but even dared to get just a little racy and looks beautiful!  Of course the feline kids got in on the action but what are you going to do…they are part of the family! Congrats guys!!

Some hints for pregnancy portraits:

  • Do it around the eighth month.  You are large enough to show but not so large that it’s uncomfortable.
  • Include the whole family!  The dad, other children and the pets.
  • Dress in the dad’s shirt or shorts.  It’s a way of incorporating him in the portrait that may just be belly.
  • Hands on the belly are so simple but say so much.

What a pretty girl! ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

So I love when I come across a random roll of film that didn’t make it into the lab.  Of course I hope it wasn’t from 34 years or weddings ago WHICH has never happened but I stumbled on this one recently and just thought I had to throw it up. I took it with a Holga and somehow, someway this little girl does not mind dressing up.

Essence Images by Misti Layne ~San Francisco Music Photographer~

OK, now we are talking about my heart.  I get razzed a lot about my choice to use film but I have to say I just won’t stop!  Some photographers will ask me why and I just say why not!  It’s beautiful, timeless and textural.   I love using toy cameras too and I had so much fun with a Holga that I took to Eastern Europe (I’ve been shooting with a Holga for years now on different things) that I just wanted to do more.  I guess I’m regressing against technology but I do remember the simpler times in life and have the fondest memories of those times.  I love these recent portraits I did and just had to share.  I call them Essence Images.  The idea is really just hitting the essence of the person.  No frills, no poses, letting a child just be no forced smile or capturing someone while they are introspective for a moment or just off guard.  I find them so beautiful and simple and just people at their core of who they are.  These images are not touched up in away…they just are what they are.  Call if you are interested but be prepared to answer the question “What is the inner core and essence of me?”