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Sandy, New York City and Me ~ San Francisco Photographer ~

Every year for many, many years I have gone to NYC once or twice a year.  I first went when I was 18, went to NYU and it holds a little bit of my soul.  This year was a bit different. I got caught in Hurricane Sandy.  It wasn’t so bad in Manhattan for me.  We were left in darkness but on 30th Street so walking to 39th Street wasn’t so bad.  For those downtown, it was a very different story.  My friend and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge then caught a cab back home.  Driving through Chinatown made me feel like it was war torn Vietnam.  No lights, nothing recognizable, no people and no English signs.  It left me with a sort of discombobulated feeling.  It didn’t feel like the place I’d known for so long.  I am glad I experienced it and of course, got home but for those who are still dealing with it I cannot fathom the pain and agony it has caused.    These images were taken with not the right equipment–I came prepared for head shots not a hurricane but I hope leaves some sense of what it was like to be there.