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Los Angeles Music Photography and Musicians

Jimi Hendrix said “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Music photographers and musicians just go together.  Jimi Hendrix, like so many musicians I know, was an artist through and through and his passion coupled with his talent made him who he was.  If he was just a guitar player, even a great guitar player, he’d been off on the side of the stage for someone else to lead the show.   But instead because of quotes like this we know him to be the passionate, profound and intelligent person that he was too.  As a music photographer and capturing musicians live or in stills this persons passion and mine for who they are and for photography can create amazing, iconic music photographs with feeling and emotion hitting you viscerally.

An utterly amazing and talented friend of mine Johnny Ceravolo, the lead singer for When In Rome, recently posted on Facebook “More and more I want to say less and less.”  Johnny shares everything on Facebook and this was just one of many things he had to say one day.  His quotes can vary from the intelligent and critically thinking on the topic of religion or filled with swear words about the most mundane chores of life.

I have photographed When In Rome live as well as taken portraits of Johnny  Ceravolo just one on one.   He’s an amazing singer and talented guitar player and like Jimi Hendrix is an amazingly intelligent and passionate person.   His desires to share his music with the world, change the world, share his unique perspective and passion with people is great.  His love of music and people is tangible in minutes of meeting him or hearing his music.   I can’t imagine the sad day it would be if he did start to “say less and less.”   Of course there are moments we all feel this way but Johnny puts them out into the world and shares what the rest of us just think.

When I have photographed Johnny just as any other musician or band I can’t help but photograph them with my own feelings and emotions taking over or just becoming entwined with theirs.  That is why music photographers and musicians just go together.   The bond and love I have for musicians is just innate within me and I love photographing them and just being with them!

Here are just a few of my favorite images I’ve done and then there are these images on my blog Band Photos.

Johnny Ceravolo, When In Rome
Tara Novick, Live Music Photography
Tara Novick Music Portraits