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of Johnny Ceravolo from When In Rome ~Musician Portrait Photography~

I have always loved live music and the eclectic nature and talent of musicians.   The passion they have is awe inspiring for me.  My friend Johnny Ceravolo is an amazingly talented musician and I had the pleasure of doing some black and white portraits of him recently.  He’s the lead singer for When In Rome and I originally met them when they played in San Francisco at the Red Devil Lounge.  Being a product of the 80’s I had to go see them along with Missing Persons and it was a great show.

I wanted to do some artistic musician portrait photography and he thankfully agreed!  We went to Franklin Park in Los Angeles and the weather was perfect.  I was last there with Tara Novick at 5am a couple years ago and it was moody and misty. This time it was sunny and lent itself to the dark, contrasty idea we had of black and white film and simple.  I believe the character of a musician has to show and I believe these do show Johnny and his personality and provide a sense of who he is.  He’s an amazing talent and I got wait to work together again!

Live Music at Red Devil Lounge ~San Francisco Music Photographer~

I really love live music and living in San Francisco gives me the best access in the small venues I love.  Like Red Devil Lounge.  The capacity is only about 300 so I can get up close and personal  and I love it.  Last week Missing Persons, When In Rome and Gene Loves Jezebel played.  It was fantastic.  The passion that When In Rome had when playing was obvious.  I never got to see these bands when I was younger so I love that they come back now and so up close and personal.