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John Corbett Band at The York, Los Angeles ~Live Music Photography~

I photographed The John Corbett Band last week at The York in Los Angeles and once again they totally rocked it.  Here are a few of my favorite shots.  I love photographing live music and I hope you can see the love, passion and fun these guys have on stage!  Be sure to request they go back!

Tara Novick and Music Photography ~Los Angeles Music Photographer~

So I had an absolutely great time shooting with Tara Novick last month.  He’s just finished a new CD and was looking for some images to use with it.  We started the first day at 5.30am.  Yea, I know, two creatives up at dawn is just easier to stay up all night.  But we did it.  No one was out and it was a beautiful park in Studio City.  The sun was barely coming up and the mist was fabulous.  It was just a great morning and we got just amazing shots.  It was a definite collaboration and brainstorming ideas as they happened.  The next session was at Jones.   Such a fitting place for the music and the vision I got from listening to the music.  Jones is so cool and old school and who knew we could call in a favor and get it!  It was fabulous working with Tara and I can’t wait till the record hits.  You can see him though playing with John Corbett Band too.

John Corbett Band comes back… ~Los Angeles Music Photographer~

So it’s been a 2 year hiatus for John Corbett from here but they came back and sounded amazing.  I could only hit Red Devil but they wen’t to Folsom and Petaluma too.  Tara Novick is going to release his own CD soon too so be sure to check it!!