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Emily and Chris Wed at San Francisco City Hall ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Emily and Chris are just the sweetest people and I was so honored to be their photographer, guest and witness all in one.  These weddings in the beautiful San Francisco City Hall are just always fun.  The intimacy of them just teaches me something every time I do them.  Emily is so sweet and her gorgeous red hair with the gold inlay of the front doors I just love!  We got a very fun officiant and had just a wonderful time.  They then were going to surprise family on Christmas Eve with “guess what!”.  It did go well because I got a lovely email from mom thanking me.  All the best Emily and Chris!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Charlotte was radiant and her groom dashing in velvet on New Year’s Eve for their wedding at San Francisco’s City Hall.  Both from Prague but living they decided to celebrate on the last day of the year.  City Hall was busy actually!  San Francisco’s City Hall really is the most stunning of places.  The architecture is just amazing and even if your wedding is 4 minutes long it’s definitely memorable.  Just a few snaps from the day and congrats to you Martin and Charlotte!