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Holiday Portraits ~ San Francisco Photographer Misti Layne ~

Holiday portraits are a time to be silly in my opinion.  When you have a restless two year old boy, well, you let him be a boy!

Little Amelie ~ Napa Family Portrait Photographer ~ Misti Layne

Little Amelie had her first professional portraits taken in a beautiful private home in St. Helena.  We let her run, smell, walk, fall and smile to her hearts content!

Boys will be Boys ~ San Francisco Family Portrait Photographer ~

One was happy and one was cheeky.  One was willing and one was fighting.  One became sad and the other then became happy.  The crazy day of child photography!  But when you let kids be kids the faces, the expressions, the cheeky NO and the smile say much more than “Look at the camera and smile!”

Family Portraits ~Portrait Photography San Francisco~

This lovely family and I spent the afternoon in Golden Gate Park and just let things happen. We had no say in what happened next and it was quite fun!  Portrait photography and frankly just about all photography of a personal nature should be about emotions, expressions and feelings.  I think these images express that.   Sareen was totally in charge here for everything!  She’s quite  a happy and adored little girl and I think that shows.

Family Portraits at the Legion of Honor ~Family Portrait Photographer San Francisco~

The Juhle family are so sweet to watch.  They obviously love their new daughter but even the dog got his fair share of kisses at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.   We had the Legion of Honor to ourselves really for the portraits.  The lighting was beautiful and their little girl was in perfect model mode!

Family Affair Event Photography ~San Francisco Family Photographer~

This was one fun day.  A coming together of two families to celebrate birthdays, life and love.  We spent a few hours together and of course did some family portraits but this was most about the love and celebration of life.  Events in every day are really important to document.    You can see some of the results here and how in a few years they will be moments treasured.

Essence Images by Misti Layne ~San Francisco Music Photographer~

OK, now we are talking about my heart.  I get razzed a lot about my choice to use film but I have to say I just won’t stop!  Some photographers will ask me why and I just say why not!  It’s beautiful, timeless and textural.   I love using toy cameras too and I had so much fun with a Holga that I took to Eastern Europe (I’ve been shooting with a Holga for years now on different things) that I just wanted to do more.  I guess I’m regressing against technology but I do remember the simpler times in life and have the fondest memories of those times.  I love these recent portraits I did and just had to share.  I call them Essence Images.  The idea is really just hitting the essence of the person.  No frills, no poses, letting a child just be no forced smile or capturing someone while they are introspective for a moment or just off guard.  I find them so beautiful and simple and just people at their core of who they are.  These images are not touched up in away…they just are what they are.  Call if you are interested but be prepared to answer the question “What is the inner core and essence of me?”