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Safari West, Santa Rosa, California

I had a day off last week and decided that FINALLY after living in San Francisco this long that I was going to Safari West in Santa Rosa.  It wasn’t nearly the same as my adventure in August to South Africa  where I got very up close and personal with some amazing Cheetahs at the Le Sueur Cheetah Project.  But this place was lovely and had me back for a moment to almost the same place.  I’m a total animal lover and this was meant to take me out of my element and push me just a bit photographically.  This is a private reserve and the owners live on the property.  All of the people who work there seem to really love animals and their jobs.  They have giraffe, cheetah, numerous types of monkeys and birds and kudu, zebra, buffalo and wildebeest and very shy rhino’s.  I really wanted to play with the cheetah again but alas, it was not possible.  But it was an amazing day with the most beautiful sunset to close it out.

Holiday Abroad in South Africa

So I have been away for quite awhile and I hope you noticed!  I’ve actually been traveling in South Africa and just returned last week.  It was truly amazing and one of my most favorite trips ever.  I’m a total animal lover and spent time on safari but also at a monkey, lion, elephant and cheetah sanctuary.  This was the most amazing thing ever.  The people were so passionate about their jobs and the animals and were quite proud of their country and the conservation efforts that are being made.  We obviously have nothing like it here!  But here are some of my most favorite images and boy was it hard to get it down this far.  So I hope you enjoy a bit of my passion which are travel and animals and this was a lot of both!