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I Do Events and San Francisco Wedding Photography

I Do Events is a great blog and posts often Bay Area, San Francisco Wedding Photography and Photographers.  Here are some images from some of my favorite weddings.

My Arista Winery Wedding on I Do Events! ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

I’m honored to have another wedding on I Do Events!  Michelle and Dan came all the way from New Jersey for their destination wedding at Arista Winery in Healdsburg.  They were such a lovely couple and their family and friends definitely brought Jersey to the West Coast by dancing long before the dance floor “opened”!   The day was lovely, intimate and fun was had by all.   The flowers were by Dragonfly Floral who really did a great job with the setting of the vineyard during the Fall season.   Taking them into the vineyards with the setting sun was just gorgeous.

This family owned winery is so beautiful and the McWilliams are just delightful.  There are two large lawns for the ceremony and reception as well as a Japanese Garden and of course vineyards.  During the Fall this is truly one of my favorite venues.   The wines, well they too are amazing.  Pinot Noir is my favorite and this is really one of the best.  A venue is a huge part of a wedding.  Some people even choose their date based on the availability of their favorite venue.  It sets the tone and atmosphere of the day whether you want a winery, seaside or 5 star hotel ballroom.

So when thinking of your venue start with what means the most to you.  Do you like nature and trees then there are a lot of locations nestled in the woods.  Seaside?  Well in California you have more options than anywhere else!  Hotels are so amazing in San Francisco that you can have new and modern lines like the Intercontinental or go retro in places like the Westin St. Francis and Palace Hotel.   But where ever you choose just love it and the people who coordinate there.  They will make sure it is as memorable as you hope.

Wine Country Wedding Portrait

Molly and Adam’s Wine Country Wedding at Arista Winery ~Napa Wedding Photography~

Molly and Adam are just adorable.  They planned their beautiful wine country wedding at Arista Winery in Healdsburg.  We had so much fun this day and I’m pretty sure their portraits in the vineyard show that.  It was very low key and casual with the bride and groom getting ready together.  The flowers were by Dragonfly Florals and Park Avenue Catering catered with an amazing menu.  Arista really is one of my favorite places for a wine country wedding and you can see my other Arista weddings on my blog too.  All the best to you Molly and Adam!  I”m honored to have been photographer of your beautiful wedding!

Wine Country Wedding at Arista Winery ~Napa Wedding Photography~

Megan and Blair are from Boston and had a destination wedding at Arista Winery in Healdsburg.  The day was perfect!  Arista Winery just has an amazing ambiance and the settings range from Japanese gardens to countryside hills to grape vines.  The flowers were by Heather Hendrickson, the video was by Jonathan Metcalf at MetMedia and the amazing food came from Park Avenue Catering. Their friends and family came from far and wide to help celebrate this wine country wedding in Sonoma with them.    California Wine Tours brought them from St. Rose Church in Santa Rosa so the guests could drink Mark David wine and the Pinot Noir all night.  Wine Country Weddings really are my favorite and Arista Winery has it all.  Thank you Megan and Blair and all the very best to you!!

Michelle and Dan at Arista Winery ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

Michelle and Dan had their wedding during my most favorite time of the year–Fall!  The wedding was at Arista Winery in Healdsburg, one of my favorite spots.  The cake was from Patisserie Angelica and the flowers by Dragonfly.  It was such a beautiful day.  The weather rained the day before and the day after but not that day!  The vines were a deep gold, the sky a beautiful blue and clouds made for perfect texture and depth.  It was my first time to meet them as they planned the day from New Jersey.  Their friends and family brought the East Coast to the West and made for a lot of laughs and memories.  All the best to you guys.  Come back and visit!

More on Wedding Day Details… ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Here are a few more shots that I think are worth seeing.  Again the details just say so much about you and your day and set a vibe that guests remember.  So have fun and be creative!  A big budget is not necessary for this.  The card holders made of the tree slices were cut by the groom himself.  The brides bouquet had rosemary, heather and other various “weed” type plants to fit the surroundings of Big Sur.  Plants and vegetables make great additions to bouquets.  The cakes with the fine detailing are by Patisserie Angelica.  Something so simple in an outdoor, wine country wedding are perfect.  Let nature speak for itself!  Splashes of color can have huge impact in a natural setting.

If your wedding is in a hotel or more urban setting usually lines are better when clean and work with the architecture.   A large room needs large centerpieces but be sure your guests can see and speak to each other!  Nothing worse then leaning into your neighbor to converse with the person across from you.

But most importantly just have fun with your plans and be creative.  Let your professionals help you to create something that is unique to you.

Dawn and Brent’s Wine Country Wedding at Arista ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

I just adore Dawn and Brent.  They are so remarkable together and just caring, loving, fun and well loved too!  Their wedding at Arista Winery was just beautiful.  This time of year the light is just beautiful and some of my favorite images of the year!  I especially love the series of Brent when he waits then sees Dawn coming.  The groom at this moment is one of my favorite things to shoot at a wedding.  I always have  my lens pointed at him at this moment.  Those few seconds just say so much.  I wish you both the best in your future together!

Wine Country Wedding at Arista Winery ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

Arista Winery is such an amazing place.  The fall, being my favorite time, is especially beautiful here.  The vines, the trees, bushes and rolling hills are just fabulous!  So this was an amazing day to be sure.   The colors were fabulous and this simple, elegant affair was a definite success.  The flowers were by Dragonfly Florals and the catering was by Park Avenue Catering.  See for yourself!

Welcome to Arista!! ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

So I’ve been absolutley blessed with the honor of working with the McWilliams family at Arista Winery.  They have put together a team of vendors to provide a full service venue from food and music to decor, transportation and of course photography!  The people they have pulled together are truly wonderful and I look forward to this venture with them!  We had an event last week to bring together other vendors and event planners to see this beautiful new venue and it was a great success.  The venue is just amazing with so many options and breathtaking views everywhere you look.  So cheers to Arista!! A fun time was had by all. Enjoy a few shots of the night, I have tons more if you are interested in the venue so please feel free to contact me. Be sure to check out the site at www.aristawinery.com!