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About Misti

I’ve been photographing since I was four.  Yes, you read that right four!  Shooting with a little instamatic left over from the 1960’s my my mom gave to me.

I enjoyed that instant gratification of pushing the button and knowing I had captured something forever. I came across a photograph of myself as a four year old flower girl. Nothing spectacular of course beyond how ahem, cute I was, but oddly enough the only photos where I’m smiling are those where I have a camera in my hand.

I did some modeling and assisting photographers starting at 16 and worked with many different types of photographers from my home-state of Michigan to Chicago to New York. This experience helped in my communication skills within the “model”/photographer relationship and also learning and understanding how the human form, male or female, looks it’s best and all the technical stuff of course. My photography learning was all hands on and innate.  

Many, many years after my stint as a flower girl and modeling, I learned I could actually manipulate that captured moment and make it more beautiful, completely surreal or catch the ambiance and feeling of that moment. Forever. A loved ones smile.  Forever.  This is just the most amazing thing.  I can remember a lifetime from those photos with over 20,000 photographs in albums that I utterly cherish more than any other possessions.  In the case of a fire, I grab the animals and my albums.  


I know feedback is incredibly important and my job is to make you feel comfortable and confident above all else. I want you to walk away thinking “Ohh, that was fun!” I know the photos will be fine if I can get you to relax (we can have a cocktail if that helps by all means!). I can’t even say how many times my clients have hugged me after the job was done and the photos still in the camera. 

I’m a lucky girl. It took a long and winding road for me to realize that photography was just what I was meant to do.  But I’m here now, still going strong after 10+ years and not going anywhere!  I hope that my photographs touch your heart, make you laugh, make you think, make you dream and maybe even cry, in a good way.  So let’s have some fun and laughs!


I just have more to say than what my photographs can tell!

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