My First Wedding Photography Assignment ~ San Francisco Wedding Photography ~

Misti Layne “working” her first wedding!


I remember this day so vividly it’s amazing.  It was not a good day!!!  For some odd reason I was not happy about this wedding and being in this wedding.  I remember my mom trying to get us both ready and I just wasn’t happy.  She called her DJ friend who was on duty and had him play my favorite song–Seasons in the Sun–which he did.  Yes, I know now it is quite a morbid tune BUT as a kid and you can sing “seasons in the sun” it is quite fun!  So anyway on to the story.  I don’t recall the ceremony but do remember the reception and just being a little pissy UNTIL I was given this camera.  I remember the moment vividly and fortunately someone was there to take a photograph of me.  Now of course there is the ahem, cute factor going on here.  The point however is I guess I was just meant to be a wedding photographer!  The road I took was quite winding and the road less traveled to be sure but I did find my destiny.  I love just waking up every day knowing I’m going to photograph something…anything!

So I guess it just goes to show that some things are innate to us but not always obvious.  Thankfully, I found the right road eventually.  No regrets at all!



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