At Home Family Portraits ~San Francisco Portrait Photography~

I first met the Daughtery’s years ago with their adorable Pug Vito.  He was a total charmer with a toothy grin.  When they called to do some family portraits with their new daughter I remembered them ONLY when he said Vito was our dog!  We did these family portraits at their home in San Francisco.  The front bedroom had amazing natural light and we piled everyone–the dogs included of course–on the bed and created some truly simply, beautiful and intimate family portraits.

Families come in different types and sizes and capturing the nuances of a family is the goal for me.  They are never the same!  I never know what is going to happen and just go with the flow.  Especially with babies and pets.  In this case, it was both!  The dogs were just too cute and the baby, well she was totally at our mercy but the irony is we had to work according to her desires!

The images show a beautiful family in all it’s glory.  Congrats to the Daughtery’s!

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