Engagement Portraits Napa, Ca Wine Country ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

Sarah has been a friend for years and I am so happy she found Tres!  She’s an executive assistant at a winery and does a lot of planning for them so she planned the travel idea, the locations, the outfits and the accessories!  I love when clients have ideas!  It really brings their unique relationship to the table.  It was so fun and somehow in the process of rolling on the ground getting different angles I even ripped my jeans!  The engagement portraits to me are so important and I really do love doing them.  While I have known Sarah for years it is a great opportunity to work with couples on a fun day without stress and we learn about each other in the process.  Then too you have some great engagement portraits in the process!

Sarah has seen me work numerous times but now she was in front of the lens and for the first time ever Tres got an idea of the process too.   So because of this we have familiarity, ease and trust the moment I walk into the wedding to photograph the big day.  This is an important step in the process.  Yes you have to love your photographer’s style and images but you have to really like them too.  A florist drops off flowers and you may or may not see them.  The photographer?  Well, we are with you all day!  So it’s important to really like and trust them.

A special thank you too to the Robinson Family Vineyard!  The not only provided us with the location and the car but a great tasting too!  Yes, I do get to drink on the job!  Without them these engagement portraits Napa wouldn’t have been the same!

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