Intimate Wine Country Wedding in Healdsburg ~Napa Wedding Photographer~

Suen and Jerry are such a loving, adorable couple.  They kind of secretly married just the two of them and because her father wanted to see her in a white dress they did it again for friends and family.  It was an intimate affair at a private home in Healdsburg.  Who poured the wine and made sure guests were happy?  Jerry did!   Who made sure to keep people calm when the officiant was late?  Suen did!  They put the priorities on their guests with great food, great wine and making sure people felt at home in this home!  I love small intimate affairs like this and the images I can get are so endearing and so indicative of that.  The intimate moments are what make a wedding.  Yes, the flowers, the dress, the bride and groom to be sure!  But when it comes down to it…the love and feelings and emotions of all!  This gallery includes some details but I had to include the smiles, the laughs and happiness too.

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