A Korean Wedding Celebration at Fairmont ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Kim and David are just delightfully fun and crazy.  They are so fun together and take nothing seriously!  This wedding was one of my favorites to be sure.   David was full of funny faces and Kim was right there with him.  The Western ceremony was held at the beautiful Grace Cathedral and the reception and p’ye-baek ceremony at The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco.   The wedding was planned by Sadie Waddington of One Big Fish.  She did an amazing job coordinating this day.  The florals by Bella Flora were just amazing and perfect for these venues.  Filling a ballroom like that at the Fairmont takes a lot and the simple design was perfect.

This was my first time doing the full p’ye-baek ceremony and it was just fun.  Now, apparently the bride is not supposed to laugh but Kim couldn’t stop!  After all the pomp and circumstance it was determined they would have 22 children!  Well, they do have the first on the way so I think a lot of grandparents are going to be very happy!

This was a wonderful day with a wonderful couple and one of the many who inspire me to do what I do.  We also spent over an hour with portraits which gave us so many of these fun options.  Fortunately I had a groom who was game to lay in the grass with a sunbathing couple.  How often does that happen–never!  It’s pretty obvious there were a  lot of laughs this day.  Best wishes guys!

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  1. Misti, it was super working with you and of course our lovely couple David and Kim, you were a real treat! It was fun going through the photos and seeing all the details again.

    Thanks for sharing,

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