Cat Portraits ~San Francisco Pet Photographer~

Let’s face it.  Dogs seem to get a lot of attention but cats are actually more abundant in homes than dogs now!  We can’t forget our purring pets when it comes to portraits.  Just because you can take a dog outside doesn’t mean you can’t get amazing shots of your cats at home  Pet portraiture is huge now and it is really one of my favorites.  Dog portraits in San Francisco  is a grand time to be sure but crawling on the floor and schmoozing a cat for amazing cat portraits is just as fun.  Cat portraiture takes on a different feel from dogs to be sure.  It’s really about what they want and not what you want.  But isn’t that normal!  So here a few fun shots taken recently as well as a few thrown in of mine too.  Now don’t think I’m a cat person.  I”d have a dog too but live in San Francisco sans backyard and I like big dogs.  The bigger the better!  Enjoy!

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