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So, my last post was about researching your wedding photographer and some important things to keep in mind.  Hopefully, you found it helpful.  Now today being Valentine’s Day I have a feeling a lot more calls will be coming in the next two weeks!  So bookmark this page and come back to it when you are ready to meet your final choices and congrats!

Now, on to the meeting with your final wedding photographer choices and what you should do.  Come prepared with the details of your wedding and bring photos!  I love this.  It gives me a real sense of the direction you are going in.  Have questions but forget the ones in the bridal magazines!  So many of these are actually not pertinent and I think trying to fill space.  But these questions will allow you to have a trust in your photographer:

1.     How long have you been doing wedding photography?  This question sets the tone for actual experience.  Yes, experience is really important!

2.    How did you get involved  in wedding photography?  This will have many different answers but if you see the passion in the response you’ll see the passion in your photos!

3.    Describe your style and how you go about photographing a wedding.  If you like direction and they give it, great.  If you hear “photojournalism” you are not going to get direction.  So be sure you listen and understand how they work to be on the same page.

4.    Do you belong to any associations?

5.    What do you like about photographing weddings?

6.    May I see your wedding and other albums?  This will allow you to see the story from start to finish.  Does it speak to you?  Do you like the style and the images?  You may be tempted to see an album of your venue.  A great photographer can walk into any place in the world and take great images.  This is far more important than having been at a venue before.  Albums are expensive to produce and I don’t know any friends who have samples of every weddings. If you have a dark church and they have something similar, you will be in good hands with someone experienced.  So this is educational as well visual for you.

7.    How long before I see my photos?  This will be a huge variable and if you are happy with the answer then that is what matters.  Everyone has a different timeline on this.  During busy season for me it may be six weeks and if off season it may be three.  If you are comfortable with the timeline that is what matters.

8.    Do you have questions for me?  Yes!  I have many questions for you!  I want to walk away with a sense of who you are as a couple as well as your wedding plans.  Just as you are checking me out, I’m also checking you out.  I have to know that we are a good match too.  You may love my photos but perhaps I just don’t shoot the style you really want.  I’m going to pick up on this in my questions and be able to say I don’t think I’m the right one.  If a photographer says they can do anything and everything, I’d have my doubts.  I’d rather you find the right photographer rather than me trying to be the right one and disappointing you later.

9.    Do you have recommendations?  If you need help, ask!  After hundreds of weddings and working with hundreds of different vendors I’m a walking resource book.  I’m more than happy to provide help on resources and people.

Now you have my recommendations to start with your endeavor in finding the right wedding photographer.  This is certainly not A to Z but it will get you on a road to someone you can trust, feel comfortable with and has a good business practice as well as being an artist.

Good luck and feel free to contact me with any questions!

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