Road Trip to the Southwest

I just returned from an amazing road trip.  This year I’ve decided I have to travel as much as possible and this one was about seeing friends, family and the road between.  First stop was West Hollywood, then Palm Springs and then off to Phoenix and back again.  It’s a really beautiful part of the country even if just sand, flat or hills.  The area around Palm Springs actually reminded me of the mountains of Mt. Sinai.    Watching the sunset at Sedona was really quite amazing.  I had no idea what that area was truly like but the sun never seemed to set the same way.  I definitely need to go back and see more.  But I walked away with a refreshed feeling and so glad to see friends and loved ones.  Seeing the beauty in the small things will surely help me in finding them in my assignments from weddings to portraits.  I’m so excited for this year and the people I will meet!

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