Commitment Ceremonies ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

Susie and Eloisa married this past year at Boon.  Boon happens to be one of my favorite spots.  The ladies who own it really have a unique eye and passion for what they do and it shows.  The hotel has very clean lines and uses orange brilliantly!  The mascot, appropriately named Boon, is a delightful dog who mingles easily among the guests.  Susie and Eloisa brought together Mexican and Persian elements in just an amazing way and their friends and family were just delightful.  I don’t think I have laughed this hard at a wedding, truly.   I really appreciate doing weddings for gay couples.  It isn’t really a marriage by law but yet there is still the same passion and love as any other union.  I love that.  All the best Elo and Susie!

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