Children’s Portraiture ~San Francisco Family Photographer~

I love photographing kids and pets.  It is a dirty job as I don’t do this in studio.  I actually get on the ground and crawl on my knees to get to their level and make them feel comfortable and me less large.  Photographing children has to go kind of quickly too.  You never know when sleepiness or hunger may set in!  I photographed Amanda’s wedding a few years ago and this year had the pleasure of meeting and photographing her son!  What a charmer he was!  So easy going even considering what mom’s last costume change was! But he was a New Year’s Baby!  Oh my will that be embarrassing when he’s 13!   The card I got this year was one that I surely will be holding on to!  But it was so much fun and I love to share in the lives of my clients and see them happy.  All the best to them!

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