Acting Head Shots ~Los Angeles Headshot Photographer~

I love working with actors!  Some are a little camera shy oddly enough and some just eat it up.  It was like this with Christy.  We did the “get me work” shots and then just had a little fun with it like “your son just wrote on the wall!” and “please stop crying, please” head shots.    Head shots should be fun but there are things you have to do for great shots.

  • Wear clothing that is simple, no busy patterns and with sleeves.  Make sure everything is pressed if need be too.
  • Get rest the night before.  Your face really can show stress, lack of sleep or a hangover!
  • Make up for women needs to be simple.  Don’t go overboard.  Agents, casting directors and the like want to see you as you really are.  If you go overboard on the retouching or make up and walk in looking NOT like your photo it’s deceptive and may not work well.
  • Connect with the lens and show personality!  Show a range of ages, looks and smiles or reactions.

Your head shot is your first impression to the people you want to hire you so put your best face on as this really is your business card and needs to be the best.  Good luck!

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