Joe Buissink’s Big Heart

Last night I got to listen to Joe Buissink speak for a local group of photographers and once again he inspired me.   I met Joe many years ago at a class he was teaching. I’m sure you know how sometimes you can meet a stranger and there is just an instant bond?  That is how I felt with Joe.  He just puts you at ease and when he smiles it’s the kind that comes from deep in his soul.  I only get to see him once in a while but when I do he always picks me up.  I shoot a lot like Joe and when I first met him and he said he was shooting film and the same films I shot with I was thrilled!  Everyone even back then was saying why would you when digital is so much better?  Well, it has its ups and also its downs but this is not a conversation about that.  This is about doing what you are passionate about, giving back to the world and being true to yourself.

Photography is how I make a living to be sure but when I photograph a couple at a wedding, a newborn baby, a huge family reunion or your dog it’s about connecting with these people (or pets) and making a memory for them that I love most.  Making someone happy and sharing what I do with a captured smile, the simple essence of a child’s laugh or the look of admiration and adoration is really what my photography is all about.  I can go through my stacks of albums and remember my grandma’s touch and smile, my mom’s soft glance and smell and the story around the belly laugh of a good friend.  This is what photography brings to the world and what it should feel like in your soul.

Love you Joe!

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