This is why….

I heart Misti Layne. She is stellar; her photographs speak for themselves; they make you stop and think. Take a look at her website. My words would not adequately describe what I feel about her work.

She was the last of three photographers we interviewed, and as soon as we met her, we knew she was the one. Misti has a warm, fun, friendly, open personality that we connect with, and that at the end of the day we would have gorgeous pictures.

She offers professional, high touch client oriented service, including being responsive by e-mail and phone, taking both digital and film pictures (she has a Holga; major points!!), and of course doing both color and black and white pictures. If you like, and I do recommend this, she will select the pictures for your album with your input and edits, of course. I tried selecting pictures myself and it was challenging given the number of great pictures. Another plus is that in her 2010 packages she offers 3×5 prints (high quality) of every picture that she and her assistant takes.

Our wedding pictures are nothing short of stunning. Looking at my pictures is like reliving my wedding day over again. I cry and laugh looking at them, and am so amazed at what she was able to capture. She captured our wedding.

I could not get over how people who are normally not that photogenic looked just radiant. AND she got candids of our folks, which is pretty much a miracle because they can spot a camera from a mile away and immediately pose. My mom loves her, and she’s difficult to please. Our family and friends are raving about the pictures too.

Misti advertises herself as your photographer for life. I would hire her again for our next life event, if she’ll have us! And of course I recommended her to friends.

Hire her! You’ll be just as thrilled.

Thank you Nirmala and TS!  You gave me a lot to work with and you guys are just too cute!

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