Adorable Jack: Children’s Portraits in 3 steps!

Photographing kids is fun.  I’ve never been the posing photographer type.  I like to let them run, discover, play and just be kids.  This way the expressions are natural and spontaneous.

Some points to photographing children?

  1. Get down to their level.  Photographing children’s portraits doesn’t have to be Sears style.  In fact getting a little dirty makes it fun for you too instead of frustrating at not getting the right smile.  Let’s be honest as sometimes a good cry can be a good photograph!
  2. Keep it quick.  This is obvious.  When the restlessness or nap time sets in.  Let it go.  If you are a parent you have great access at any time.  So not fair to the professionals!
  3. Schedule the right time.  Like point #2, if it is nap time, it just won’t go well.
  4. Some props can be fun but don’t let them overwhelm the subject.  A wonderful smirk can be so much more than trees, benches, bunnies and a costume in one photograph.  Keep it simple.
  5. Natural light is my favorite.  If I  can avoid the flash I will at all costs.  Photographing your child with a flash can make them sensitive, squint and not look at you.  Light from a window or outside in a park is fantastic. Stay out of the sun unless that is part of the point.
  6. Blur your background.  Now this is different settings on different cameras that you’ll have to look into.  However with a blurred background your child becomes the focus rather than blending in.
  7. Hang the photos up!!  This may seem obvious but don’t let your photos just stay on your computer.  Get them up and seen and be sure to send them to your families.

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