Samantha’s Portraits ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

Confidence can truly create fantastic portraits on your wedding day.    I just came across these recently from a wedding last fall that I forgot to post.  Samantha is the sweetest person and obviously lovely.  She was modern classic in a rustic setting and the light was fantastic along with the old and new look.  When it’s time for the portraits:

  1. Relax!  Have a cocktail if it helps!
  2. Know that you are beautiful!  This will help emote everything you feel.
  3. Work with your photographer if you have ideas too.  I’m always open to hear what you “see”.
  4. Put time in your weddings schedule for portraits!  The more time we have the more options you will have.
  5. If there is a weather, light or time crunch then think about seeing each before the ceremony.  This can really provide great images and you can still have the excitement of that first time he sees you!

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