Modeling and Head Shots for Men ~Los Angeles Headshot Photographer~

I love photographing men.  They are much more simple than us women with our complicated hair, make-up and insecurities.  When doing head shots with men you can make them look stronger by using more contrasting shadows, harsher and busier environments, strong forward on stances even work well.  Have lots of options done.  Also think about interests you may have.  Recently I had one guy who is in the military so we played that up (not the one in the photos-he just has the look!).   The gent with 8 pack abs was going directly for certain shows currently running so that’s why the Roman costume.  It doesn’t hurt to try something in particular so that casting agents really see what they will get!   Here are some shots I’ve done just recently.  Lots of laughs to be sure and I didn’t include some of the outtakes but maybe one day in the future I will.

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