The Cove, Peace in Taiji

I recently watched the movie The Cove and it wasn’t easy.  I’ve always loved dolphins since I grew up watching Flipper.  My mom after a while though wouldn’t let me watch anymore because I would always end up crying!  Well, this movie is well done and utterly important and it’s crucial that change happens and soon.  I’ve grown up with animals and not known a day without them since a child.  Whether dogs, cats, cows, horses, birds they are just a cause that is important to me.  Dolphins too.

I have to admit I did do the swim with the dolphins before I knew any of this was happening.  It was the most amazing experience and while I will never forget it I do regret it.  I felt so at peace with these creatures and I know they felt my feelings, admiration and love.  For most of the “swim” there were 3 dolphins that chose to stay with me and 2 that were with the 12 others.  It was amazing, incredible and one of the most inspiring moments of my life.  I know these creatures need to live and breathe and commune in the world with us. Looking into their eyes is a memory I’ll never forget.

Please, please take a moment if you care to The Cove site.  Spread the word!  The sad irony here is that many Japanese don’t know the dolphin kills even take place and sadly dolphins are laden with mercury and their flesh is eaten by their own children and disguised as expensive fish.  Mercury poisoning is preventable and an utterly horrible existence to suffer.  Please take action and share on Twitter, Facebook, your blog and anywhere you can.  Thank you!

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