History and Me

I love my photo albums. I know the ways of the big heavy album have been taken over by scrolling on your computer screen but you miss out on that tactile experience this way and it just doesn’t have the same feel.  No matter what I print up my photos from my travels, family functions or whatever it may be.  I recently came into photos as a young girl at my grandma and grandpa’s farm in Saginaw, Michigan.  The farm is still actually there and my dad lives there now.  Looking at these images really bring back memories.  The older images of my grandparents are just so dear.    Your history is forever recorded in your photographs.

  • Take the time and effort to keep them safe in archival albums or boxes.
  • Keep the organized and ready to pass on to your loved ones.  Write names and dates on the back so there is no confusion later.
  • If you have film images you can get the negatives or photographs themselves scanned for safe keeping.  Make sure that the images are appropriate sizes if you want to print them later.  A square image should be scanned square and printed square.  A good lab can do this for you.

So I’m sharing a little bit of my history and maybe even give some of you a little better sense of the big City girl I am today!

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