Pregnancy portraits… ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

It was a girl for this couple and just days after these photos were taken!  Pregnancy portraits can be fun and awkward all at the same time but Priscilla really hung in there and made it happen. Congrats on Makayla! If you think you want to do pregnancy photos I have some recommendations:

  1. Don’t wait too long!  I find the best time is in the 8th month.  You are obviously pregnant but it isn’t too uncomfortable yet.
  2. Feel sexy!  You are beautiful and while it is a new stage in life you are beautiful and it is great to do some sexy shots too.  See Karen’s photos from my post last month!
  3. One of my favorite things is to where your husbands clothes. Maybe his shirt, boxers etc.  It’s a way of integrating him into the image even if it is just your belly.

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