Beautiful Pet Portraiture ~San Francisco Portrait Photographer~

I’m a total animal person.  Love them all.  So when I get a new toy yes, my ahem kids become my subject.  You have a great opportunity at home to photograph your pets.  They know you and trust you and that makes for the best access.  So some tips to get great portraits:

  1. Instead of shooting from afar and on your feet get on your knees or sit down with them.   Get up close and personal.
  2. Look at how they see the world when you look at them.  A lot of times I’m actually lying on the ground to get portraits.  It makes for much more interesting shots!
  3. Take close-ups.   A nose, ear, whiskers are all bits and pieces that make for cute little details in an album or a series of portraits.
  4. Make it easy and fun for them and for you.

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