Christian and Carlotta ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

What a lovely couple! These two have an incredible story and it’s just amazing and fantastic that the wedding took place after Christian was in a serious accident. But there he was on crutches, doing his best, smiling at his beautiful bride. Carlotta was such a gem and always smiling and constantly giving me beautiful shots. The church was on a hill in Tiburon and the reception just a small garden there as well. It was just a beautiful afternoon. I took so many shots and these were just a couple of my favorites. A lot of kissing ones but that was an accident! Carlotta really knows photography too so the pressure was on as she is a photo editor! She really appreciates the quality of film and it was wonderful to just go and create and I just have to thank them for the opportunity to share in the day with them.

David Fitch

This was a fun shoot! It was early morning Sunday and I had great models. David does amazing things with wood and is starting his own business and these photos were for his new web site. His associate Chunk was just the best model ever! Quite energetic about eating wood but lazy when it came to working which was perfect for me! If you get a chance the site should be up in a couple of weeks at

Things forgotten…

So I have this little camera that can fit in a bag that I’ll take on occasion to silly things. So I recently finished off the roll of film and had no idea what else was on it. I have to say it was a great pleasure to see the shots and completely remembered my drive back from west of Tahoe and was so glad I had even taken the shots. It was the perfect scene and to even get a double rainbow was amazing.

Sonya and Ali ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

I love what I do. No doubt about it. Sonya and Ali are one of the reasons why. I spent 4 days with them and each day saw something amazing, learned something new, made a new friend and had wonderful photo opportunities. Sonya was beyond beautiful and Ali cracked me up with his “I have no idea what is happening” continually throughout the nights and ceremonies. It was beautiful and their friends and families just amazing. It’s kind of nice when you say goodbye to someone who 4 days earlier was a total stranger and they kiss your cheek, kiss your hand and say you have a great soul. Well, I have to say the same to all of them and wish Sonya and Ali just the absolute best in life.

Wine and Food ~San Francisco Event Photographer~

So I worked an event last week that happens yearly and what is most fascinating is watching Thomas Keller and his staff at work. The hosts and guests at this event are foodies and wine connoisseurs to the fullest. The guests typically number about 30 and Thomas brings about 30 staff members with him.

Thomas is very methodical and the respect and quietness of the kitchen is amazing. At home, I’m dropping things and wondering again why I decided to cook rather than order in again. It’s a fun event and just filled with great people. The entertainment was Carlos Reyes and Ron Sfarzo. Who knew an accordion and violin could be so fun!

Thomas of course is and Carlos and Ron can be reached at

Michelle + Paul ~San Francisco Wedding Photographer~

I adore Michelle and Paul!!!! Just a photographers dream client. It’s cold and windy but do they care? Not in the least! I had so much fun with them. The day started at the Westin with Michelle getting ready with the girls then off to Grace Cathedral. It’s so nice to see that they’ve laxed up a bit on the restrictions there. So then we hit the Yacht Club at Belvedere and well, I had a Sex and the City inspired moment and Michelle was all gams for it. So what a great day last Saturday and thanks to them and their families!

SPARK ~San Francisco Event Photographer~

This past week I had the pleasure of helping out a local organization for middle-school kids. It’s called SPARK and helps kids with mentoring, community, passion and learning. It’s really a great group and the people who showed up at 7am, including believe it or not myself, are a testament to them.

It was hosted by Kate Kelly from Channel 5 and Superintendant Carlos Garcia spoke to the crowd as well. If you get the chance check them out at and if you can, lend a hand!